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Commercial Surface Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet for your business or office represents a significant investment. Transformations Plus can meet your cleaning needs, whether that be a one-time restorative clean, odor removal, or a comprehensive maintenance plan. Your carpet is a filter and every individual that steps on it literally leaves a mark, tracking in invisible bacteria, VOCs or simply dirt on the bottom of their shoes. Our processes are designed to return your carpet, as much as possible, to a like new condition. We utilize several different and effective tools to accomplish the desired results.

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Hot water extraction is not recommended for glued down carpet as a regular, maintenance cleaning method but we do recommend an annual hot water extraction cleaning in every comprehensive plan. Our hot water extraction service is done with as little water as possible and we use specially designed extractors to help the carpet dry as quickly as possible.

Low moisture cleaning, or encapsulation is an excellent process to use as a monthly or even more often cleaning if needed. This method uses very little water, but utilizes different pads, brushes and tools to agitate the carpet and encapsulate the dirt in a translucent powder that then is removed at the next scheduled vacuuming. We use low moisture as the intermittent cleaning to maintain clean floors in between hot water extraction services, in order to ensure carpet stays perpetually clean.