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Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

Commercial facilities often have a variety of types of flooring and surfaces. Knowing how to care for each of types can be overwhelming to a facility manager. This is where Transformations Plus would like to add value to your facility management team. Knowing the difference between VCT, tile and grout, ESD flooring, glued down carpet, padded carpet, polished concrete, coated concrete, marble, granite, travertine, slate and the enormous types of furniture coverings is only the beginning of understanding the correct way to clean and maintain those surfaces.

Transformations Plus not only knows all those surfaces, but we also understand how to get them clean. We offer a minimal-cost inspection of your facility. During this inspection, we will assess what types of flooring are in each area, measure those areas and determine the need for cleaning, maintenance, or replacement. We will then provide our report to you and offer our proposal for taking care of your surfaces. Budgets are important, as is a clean environment for your customers and employees. We want to help develop a plan to work within your budget and still provide a quality outcome. We do offer free estimates.

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We have worked with libraries, office buildings, daycares, commercial kitchens, banquette halls, factories and churches on developing a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan that will work for them. A daycare for example deals with lots of stains, spread out all over the building, cleaning once a quarter was leaving these stains sometimes for 3 months until cleaned. We made a plan to clean portions of the building each month, allowing us to take care of spots any where in the building while still providing a deep cleaning to the carpet each quarter, a month at a time. Another example would be a library, the main walkway and entrance needs cleaned monthly but other areas only need cleaned twice a year. We developed a plan that kept the budget in mind and still cleaned all 60,000 sq. ft. under budget.

The relationship we begin with you in this process makes the cleanliness of your surfaces very important to us. Making an agreement for Transformations Plus to be your surface cleaning specialist, brings other benefits as well, from a monthly free spot treatment to consulting and training your team on proper maintenance protocol. We look forward to working with you soon.