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Superior Residential Carpet Cleaning

We know that there are a significant number of carpet cleaning companies in the Miami Valley. Choosing the right one may seem like a huge task. There is a long list of items to consider. Of course, we submit that Transformations Plus is at the top of the list in all considerations. Please, whomever you choose to hire, make sure they are upfront, realistic, and honest with their pricing.

We offer upfront pricing, do not rely on gimmicks and will be clear about what you can expect from our state-of-the-art process. You can GET A QUICK ESTIMATE right now and find out how reasonable our expert carpet cleaning will be for your home.

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Our process has proven to provide the deepest possible cleaning of your carpeted floors

Our technicians will arrive in a Transformations Plus van, wearing a company shirt and appropriate foot wear. They will introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have before they enter your home.
In this step, we will ask you if you have any areas of concern. We will also be inspecting areas that we may be concerned about, such as spots, smells, or items to be moved. Our techs will point out any issues that we feel may need special treatment, or help with your understanding of what to expect from our cleaning. We will also pull metal air vents off the floor and place them on a close-by desk or bed.
As with any type of cleaning, soap must be used. We have been using the same pre-spray for many years. Our pre-spray has proven to be safe for 99% of all carpets but also tough on soil.
Just like when you shampoo your hair, or when your washing machine cleans your clothes, there needs to be a bit of agitation. This step ensures that the pre-spray is worked through all the carpet and is not just sitting on top.
Conditioning Spray
This is a very important step. Have you ever cleaned a spot on the carpet, only to have it return in a week? The spot most likely has not returned but the soap left in the carpet is attracting new dirt. That is soap’s job. The job of the conditioning spray is to neutralize the pre-spray. Many companies skip this step and want to clean your carpet 4 times a year.
Hot Water Rinse (aka Steam)
This is the step that everyone thinks of when they think of carpet cleaning. Usually, while one tech is performing step 4 the other tech is pulling in 2 different hoses into the house, one larger vacuum hose and one smaller water hose. These hoses are attached to a truck-mounted unit. This unit provides steam and a strong vacuum. We have invested in impressive equipment - our truck-mounted unit is powerful, providing water over 200 degrees and a 35 horsepower vacuum. We have invested in a Zipper tool as well. This is far superior to a traditional carpet cleaning wand. The Zipper has a 10-pound weight on top, 2 vacuum ports, and a clear tube for our techs to ensure they have pulled all the water out of the carpet that can be pulled out.
Good Bye
This will be the time the tech will collect your information if we do not already have it in our system. They may give notes on any issues discovered in the cleaning process (loose carpet, stain issues, recommendations) and suggestions moving forward. An email invoice will be provided and the tech will be able to receive payment at that time.

This process is something we have developed with over a decade of doing what works. Our philosophy has always been the more work we do right the more work we get to do. We know that our process, chemistry, and equipment set us far apart from other companies. Our reviews should tell you the story of a company that does its best, is honest and offers incredible value.

We look forward to serving you.