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Paver Patios

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Pavers - Refresh, Repair and Build

Paver patios are gorgeous when maintained properly. We have the experience, tools, and products to keep paver patios, walks, walls, driveways, and firepits looking as good as new for the life of the patio. Pavers are quite the investment, and protecting your investment is our goal. Over time, settling can cause joint lines to open up, rain can cause the sand base to move, creating pits or heaved areas, and plastic edging can fail with erosion and use. We can spruce up your current paver area with a refresh, repair the failed areas, or even build a whole new patio.

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We offer pressure washing to remove surface soil, moss, and mildew and to clean out the joint lines. As a patio settles, the joint lines can open up and allow mud, leaves, and mulch to fill them up allowing weeds to grow up through the joints. Cleaning the patio will also reveal leveling issues, edging issues, or failed pavers that are covered in soil. It is vital to the health of any exterior surface to remove mold from the surface. Mold creates an acid that can stain and damage a surface if it is allowed to sit too long and pavers are no exception.

Re-sand – Depending on the age of the patio and the last time it was serviced, there may be polymeric or concrete sand in the joints. We will remove as much sand as possible from the joints and apply new polymeric sand. We have several colors available and we can apply multiple colors if desired. New polymeric sand will stabilize the pavers creating a cohesive patio look and feel, while also minimizing weed growth by sealing the joints.

Sealing - A quality paver does not require sealing. The density of the concrete used in pavers creates a product that should not be damaged by water intrusion. However, many people like the “wet” look. When a paver is wet it is a bit darker and the colors more enhanced. Most wet-look sealers are film-forming, meaning they create a glossy film on top of the paver to achieve the wet look. These sealers vary in cost but not too much in the life of the sealer. In Ohio, the life of a film-forming sealer is typically 1 to 2 years unless under cover. We offer another sealer that is a real game-changer in the industry. We can achieve an enhanced look without a film. The penetrating sealer we use enhances the color of the paver, leaves a little sheen, protects the paver and joint lines, and best of all lasts 3 – 4 years.


Water and use can cause the bedding, or foundation, layer of older patios to fail. Sand is not typically used in bedding layers any longer for this reason. However, it is not the end of the world if the sand layer of your patio has failed. We can identify the areas that need to be repaired, remove the necessary pavers, and install a new type of bedding material. We then re-lay the pavers and proceed with a refresh.

The edge restraints often heave out of the ground over time. We can remove the old restraints and install new ones with spiral spikes to increase life and create a strong edge.


We have the experience and skills to install retaining walls, firepits, and paver patios. We have a designer that can work with you to design any shape your landscape requires, offering ideas along the way that will make maintenance easier as well as best meet the needs of your family.