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Commercial Surface Cleaning!

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Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services

The building's fa├žade establishes the tone for every customer and employee before they even enter your building. Walls, walkways and the building itself can help create a positive, or less than positive, experience. Transformations Plus can handle all of your exterior cleaning needs, but we also partner with other companies if there is a project that is out of reach or requires more specialized equipment. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and quality work.

Consider this: the soil, mold, mildew, asphalt, and who-knows-what-that-is on the sidewalk, parking lot, and exterior entry areas of your building often makes it inside the building. If you are having issues keeping your interior floors clean, the culprit is often dirty concrete outside. We love finding straightforward solutions to nagging problems like this.

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You may have polished concrete, epoxy-coated concrete, or hard-troweled floors in your facility. We have solutions to clean these types of floors too. We also offer services that can bring back the gloss level like it was when first installed. We can apply a high-shine acrylic, or polish the floor to bring back the high gloss level you once enjoyed.

We would like to sit down and talk with you about how we can add your concrete cleaning to a maintenance plan or offer a great price for a one time deep clean or polishing.