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Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

We have the best solution for cleaning tile and grout. Our process and the quality of our work are second to none. Tile and grout can be very difficult to keep clean. Mopping spreads the soil across the floor filling the grout lines with dirty water that evaporates and leaves the dirt behind. This soil holds moisture that can often promote mold growth that causes odor, but worst of all creates an acid that eats at the grout eventually causing grout failure.

We can create a plan to keep your tile clean, give advice to your janitorial crew and provide solutions that will even help reduce your need to use our services. Our equipment is specifically designed to clean tile and grout with minimal to no downtime for your facility. Coupled with a full floor cleaning plan, cleaning tile and grout is very affordable especially when you consider the issues and expense a failed floor would cause.

We would like the pleasure of meeting with you and discussing your tile and grout cleaning needs and how Transformations Plus can create a comprehensive maintenance plan for all your facility's floors.

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