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Residential Surface Cleaning - More Than Carpet Cleaning!

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Make Residential Concrete Look New Again

First impressions are important, and your home's curb appeal can be enhanced by having clean concrete. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios all need a deep cleaning from time to time.

Mold or mildew can have a negative effect on your concrete. It not only looks and smells bad it can also cause a weakening of the concrete itself. Mold creates an acid and over time will damage the concrete and hurt the concrete's integrity. By cleaning and sealing the concrete, we can bring new and longer life to your concrete surfaces.

Something else not often considered is how dirty concrete effects the interior of the home. Mold, mildew and soil on your exterior surfaces can be brought into the home on shoes, packages, skateboard wheels and bare feet. Exterior surfaces are often the culprit to dirtier interior floors. The good news is we can clean both! Check out our carpet cleaning process as well.

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