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Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

Residential Surface Cleaning - More Than Carpet Cleaning!

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Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

The prospect of cleaning your tile and grout on your own can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large area, stains, or natural stone. If you know the square footage and the type of surface, you can click to GET A QUICK ESTIMATE.

Why is what we do better than mopping? Mopping, swiffering, or micro padding, are often the cause of dirtier floors. The process of pushing the dirty water all over the floor gives an illusion of a clean floor because the dirt is spread evenly across the floor making it uniformly dirty.

How do you know if you need tile and grout cleaning? If you have a pantry or closet in your tiled area that has the same tile and grout, look at the floor in it. Pantry and closet areas are not subject to high traffic, and generally, show what the tile and grout should look like. If you do not have a closet or pantry, pull out the oven or refrigerator. Another option is to put a little dish soap on a grout line, let it sit for 3 minutes, and then scrub with a brush and dab dry.

Why is grout dirty? Grout is designed to help keep tile safe. Grout joints allow a place for water to go and not sit on top of the tile creating a slip hazard. The groove of grout though collects anything that sits in it, so water travels to the grout line taking soil, dirty mop water, grease, etc. into the grout lines and then the water evaporates or soaks into the grout and the dirt remains. After a time the soil can become acidic and begin to have a negative effect on the grout causing malodor, poor aesthetics, and even failure.

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Transformations Plus is the answer to getting your tile and grout back to its original condition. Many carpet cleaning companies offer tile and grout cleaning, and there are even some companies that offer to steam grout lines. Transformations Plus, however, is superior for several reasons and it starts with our proven process.

When the crew arrives they will introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have before they enter your home.
Be sure to mention any issues or areas of concern. The tech will be looking as well for problem areas, such as missing grout or cracked tiles.
All cleaning requires soap. Tile and grout cleaning is no different. The soap’s job is to break down the soil embedded in the tile and grout and emulsify the soil for removal.
Sometimes the soil level or the type of soil (grease, paint, oil) requires agitation to ensure the soap is penetrating to the grout. This is not usually required, but the tech will know if it is a necessary step at your home.
This is where Transformations Plus stands out. Our truck-mounted unit is the most versatile on the market, with the ability to have low pressure for carpet cleaning and high pressure to clean tile and grout. Our machine is rated to provide 200 degree water at 2000 psi, although most tile and grout cleanings do not require more than 1200 psi. (don’t worry it takes over 4000 psi to hurt grout) A typical carpet cleaning truck-mounted unit is not rated for more than 800 psi. This also means that our unit has a much more powerful vacuum. This is why we say we do not move the dirt we REMOVE it. This process will involve a spinner tool attached to the truck-mounted machine via a water supply and vacuum hose. Often times our process makes for a great video so be sure to have your camera ready!
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At this point, the job is done and drying. The tech will get your information entered into our system to generate an invoice that you can pay right then. They will also go over any issues discovered during the cleaning, inform you of other cleaning services that may benefit you and ask if you have any final questions.

We offer several sealing options as well. Please check out our page on sealing to determine if you would like one of these options applied to your tile and grout.

There are many surfaces in your home that could benefit from the deep cleaning that Transformations Plus can provide:

Laundry rooms

Our experience has given us the knowledge to apply our cleaning process to all types of tile ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, slate, travertine, quarry, glazed or unglazed. We can also clean any type of grout, sanded, unsanded, epoxy, powergrout, sealed or unsealed. We may change a step or remove a step, but we can get any type of tile and grout floor clean.